Monday, November 29, 2010

Video Professionals

Sure I've taken video. But, I know what my talents are and usually in the past I've given them to someone else who is more techno-savvy to save me the time and headache that are involved with such an endeavor. Do you know what I found? With the introduction of JayCut, the video process was somewhat easy. It was finding the time to record the video that was the issue, on just the right topic, on just the right day. Since the holidays are hear, the topic that I chose to do my research on were a hard-find. Museums are closed and travel to them in a couple hours away. In the end, I may not have produced a great video, but I am assured now that those I produce in the future are going to be fantastic!
The video project idea that I came up with was one focused on artists who came from Iowa, Grant Wood of Anamosa; Marvin Cone of Cedar Rapids and Rose Franzen of Maquoketa; naming the project Small Town - Big Time. However, there is so much information on each artist, that I decided to focus on just one. Rose wasn't free, since they were traveling for the holidays and Marvin Cone's exhibit of cloudscapes had already been taken down from the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, so the choice of Grant Wood was clear. And besides, his work is plastered and parodied the world round, so I took a trip to Turner Alley, a tour of his studio and then hit the museum (since videography is prohibited there), just to see his works up close and personal (Coe College's library was closed for break, otherwise there would have been opportunity there as well).
My thoughts: however, not as hard as it seemed once I got my feet wet, a video assignment takes more than a lot of effort and as a teacher it would probably take up the whole of a school year's quarter to produce a quality work that would be acceptable, within the classroom, if given as an assignment to students. The teacher, if assigned this kind of endeavor, would be forced to produce it all in his/her free time. This was something great to learn, but I still may leave it to the professionals who like to play around with this medium (at least for now). I would like to continue the thread of Small Town - Big Time, but I also think that the Power Point presentations that we did previously would be a fine outlet for those kind of topics (especially since I do not have a travel budget and proximal availability to art museums where I live).

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