Thursday, September 23, 2010

What's it For? - Creativity Through Technology

So, I went back to school so that I could be a leader in the education reformation that desperately needs to take place in the US. I am in my first semester, in a totally digital age, where I can take my classes on-line, which is all so very new to me.
In the past, I have squirmed when someone wanted me to use the computer to do anything other than type a paper, surf the web for ideas, or email some friends. I have no idea what was out there and really didn't want any part of it...especially in the art class room. I am facing my fears, one day at a time...and you know what?! I'm liking what I am encountering...granted, I have hit a few snags, felt like my ship was about to sink, trying to figure it all out...but, I'm a survivor (as most creative people are) and so I stride forward, in the midst of the storm.
I have learned so much in so few weeks, that makes me realize that this technology thing isn't nearly as hard to maneuver as I had once thought. (Though I'm still having a bit of trouble with one class and assignments).
We are in the digital age, our children are more skilled at using these instruments of communication than I am (but I hold that I can communicate with others very effectively, verbally) and they are also more visual than most other generations and because of that, I feel that they are more creative individuals, hands-on and critical thinkers. So, why not join them and see what it is that they can teach me about communicating?
Join me on my journey to seek out more creative ways of educating our nation's youth...they are board stiff and crying out for someone to step up and make changes happen. Let's spark a couple fires!
The conversation starts here!