Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bridging the Visual Media Expanse

It is true that most people embrace the visual world. Heck, we're bombarded with our senses ever day and this country that we live in hits you over the head with multi-sensory images, sounds and sometimes even smells...but, I am finding that more and more, as I travel through this digital media realm that I am resistant to the use of technology...I put on the brakes, procrastinate, and even decline even exploring these areas because one, I do not enjoy them (I'm more hands-on creative and a computer screen is too flat) and two, I am not familiar with them and so care not to even indulge. How many of our students are that way? Once they have decided that they would rather not, they will not or do not want to learn. The learning wall raised and almost impenetrable. So, I ask myself, how am I going to get over this hump?
The presentational information for the video I put together seemed like a great topic, Small Town - Big Time, however daunting a task to complete the task of what I have envisioned. I have lofty dreams of what I would like the video to look like, but have not the resources near to produce such a quality video that I would be proud of. To make an interesting working discussion of Iowa artists Grant Wood and Marvin Cone would take some traveling and even to interview Rose Franzen would be too much to ask of a holiday weekend when so many businesses are closed, art galleries included, and the artist's personal schedule. These have all been factors in my neglect of the topic.
Tomorrow may be a different story. So, I will attempt to do what I can, but like any student I can only promise quantity but not quality and that's not how I like to do things...more to come.

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