Monday, December 5, 2011

Parody of Welcome to Holland

No one knows why we were chosen to teach, to share our compassion, our knowledge, our perspective on life or our genuine concern for others with our time here on Earth. No one knows.
No one knows what this day will bring, what new colors will be made, what new ideas will be sought out, what questions will be brought up and answered. No one knows.
No one knows who your students will be, what health problems, birth or genetic complications they may suffered, or if they will be perfectly healthy. No one knows.
No one knows where they will come from, immigrants from across the ocean, across the borders of our country, or if their families have lived here for a long time. No one knows.
No one knows how many hurts, scars or rose colored glasses they may bring with them, languages, stories, photographs, learning styles, or if they’ll be able to learn at all. No one knows.
No one knows when they may turn to you, their teacher, because they have a question, they need a hand, a hug or to express that they understand. No one knows.

However, no matter who, what, where, how, why or when, the students that are sent to us are there for us to guide, love and nurture, with what is within our power to.

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