Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wikis as Interaction

It has occurred to me that photo-editing was required, but I had arranged my image before shooting it. So, not that it matters at this point in time, but here is a cropped, inverted variation of what could have been done to my original image, focusing on line, color and balance of the picture field.

Moving on...this week's topic was to make a wiki page, something that can be accessible to students and add yet another field of discussion for them to participate in and outside of the classroom. This, like the blog, can be added to, edited by and managed by students, however monitored for content postings, as always, by the administrator of the page, the teacher.
I have used the wikispaces website before in my time teaching, but had used it for the English classroom, as a place to post and discuss works from authors/poets that related to the themes we were discussing in class. More often than not, it proved to be more of a chore for the students to complete the tasks listed in the wiki.
However, this being said, and after viewing a few other educational wikis, Visual Art Education, and Research in Contemporary Art, I found that a wiki does not need to be interactive, though it is a helpful tool for discussion, but can be used as any tool needed, like these informational sites offer.
After perusing the ZoHo website, I found that it was just as user friendly as the wikispaces was for me previously, so I jumped in to make another page. With the easy navigation and instructions for use, ZoHo was something I thought thought that I'd try out. Take a look and let me know what you think:
After all, as a visual art educator and visual artist myself, I decided that I wanted to make my classroom that much more interactive about the theory of art and yet be open to the possibilities that each individual artist brings to the table, as a student. My wiki would be used as a supplemental activity, to be referred back to throughout the project being carried out and the materials and focus at hand.
I would also like to, as I add content to the wiki, turn it into something like the Research site, where it can be used as a syllabic overview for the class, and a stepping-off point for research within the classroom. Enjoy! I know that I did.

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